SYNC x The Feed: Nutrition in Ski Racing.

SYNC, makers of high quality performance apparel for the most demanding mountain athletes worldwide, has teamed up with the The Feed to bring you the most well rounded nutrition for those days on and off the race hill. 

At the forefront of the Feed is GMVS Alum and recent US Ski Team Coach, Brandon Dyksterhouse.  Nobody knows more about how to get the maximum performance on the ski hill and nutrition is often a huge oversight with almost all skiers.  For example, proper hydration and on-hill nutrition can get you any where  from 2 to 6 extra high quality training runs per day. This can translate into as much as 30% to 50% more “time on task” for each athlete. 

Brandon says, “Eating smarter is the simplest and fast thing any ski racer can do to immediately improve their performance”  and specific to the Race Day Box, he remarks "Even in race situations if an athlete is slightly dehydrated or not recovered from training the previous day or week, it can easily have a 1% to 5% decrease in performance.  You can do the math, this is often far more than the difference between the top 10 skiers in a race”.

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How to Win:

On the 15th of each month throughout the Winter, SYNC and The Feed will announce one winner for $50 SYNC credit and a skiing specific SYNC Feed to help you get through your next training session. 


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